Our Mission

We believe the American dream belongs to all of us. We envision a world where all Americans have equal opportunity to build wealth and live life free from worry about basic needs and pressing economic concerns.

Today, the reality is much different – 99% of our country’s wealth is held by half the population, leaving only 1% for the other half. There is long history to how we got here, but the bottom line is that inequities of this magnitude are unsustainable.

To close the wealth gap, Better Together Brands created “Impact Franchising” – a business co-ownership model based on inclusion, financial results, and entrepreneurial success. Our mission is to accelerate the social and economic mobility of people in the bottom 40% of income by investing heavily in their ownership journey and teaching them to build a million dollar business that lifts them into the top 25% of income and wealth within ten years.

In walking beside these capable but underestimated leaders, we pass the torch of opportunity to people who thought the American dream was meant for somebody else.