The impact made possible by Better Together Brands is fueled by financial contributions from strategically aligned partners, and we rely on these contributions to realize our purpose of closing the wealth gap in America. We welcome open dialogue about the utilization of funds and are committed to full transparency of expenditures and impact.

Better Together Brands receives start up capital from a variety of sources, including:  investors and non-profits aligned with our social mission, channel partners, anchor institutions, banks and private trusts, charitable contributions, grants, community foundations, and city/county investments.

Start up capital

Each Better Together Brands business is funded with $100,000 in start up capital. A $100,000 infusion is sufficient to carry the operating expenses of the business until profitability is achieved. These start up funds allow the Operating Partner to build a million dollar business in ten years without making any additional capital contributions. In fact, our Operating Partners experience little to no financial risk in building the business, and they are not liable for any business losses.

fund utilization

Every $100,000 in start up capital contributions will be put towards the launch of a new impact business designed to accelerate the economic mobility of the Operating Partner selected to manage it.

Expected impact includes: (1) increase in Operating Partner income (from current individual income of $35K or less a year to $50K+ year 1, $75K+ year 5, and $100K+ year 10), (2) increase in Operating Partner wealth to $10K year 1, $125k year 5, and $400K+ year 10, (3) increase in human capital (Operating Partners will learn how to own and operate a $1M+ business, highly transferable skills they can leverage throughout their career).

These financial benefits are made possible by an inclusive business framework called “Impact Franchising” that redistributes profits and ownership back to the business and its Operating Partners.

Contribution types

Our model allows for two types of investments: (1) charitable contributions and (2) competitive interest loans. At this time we are not seeking equity investments.

Charitable Contributions
Many funding partners do not expect a financial return from their investment in Better Together Brands. For these partners, we do provide regular reporting on the social impact of their investment so they are fully informed of the benefit of their contribution. Some charitable funders also appreciate the opportunity to specify the target geographic location for their contribution, which requests can often be fulfilled. If you are considering a charitable contribution to Better Together Brands, please communicate your location preferences so we align our recruiting and selection activities accordingly.

Low Interest Loans
Each Better Together Brands impact business can sustain payback of a $100,000 loan over 5 years and still achieve its social purpose. Funds are repaid from business operations with interest in equal monthly installments.

Partner Lenders receive three benefits from their loan: (1) Interest on their investment (2) Full repayment of loan within 5 years, and (3) An opportunity to give back to their local community.

NOTE:  There are no financial contributions required of the Operating Partner to participate in the Better Together Brands opportunity.

If you are interested in investing in Better Together Brands, please contact us.